TeamSpeak 3 Server Admin Hack Tool – How to Make Yourself a TeamSpeak Admin on Any Server

TeamSpeak 3 Admin Server Hack

Here is the well awaited TeamSpeak Server Administrator Hack! Thousands of people are already using this daily to to make themselves admins on TeamSpeak servers around the world! Whether you’re looking to tease a friend or cause some mischief, this can be done with this amazing, new tool! Are you in a situation where you want to be able to make yourself admin on a TeamSpeak server ? Well you’re certainly in the right place!

TeamSpeak 3 Server Admin Hack

We are not responsible for how or what you use this tool for.

Total Downloads: 6,291

TeamSpeak Admin Bypass Features:

  • Works for all Countries.
  • Uses a New TeamSpeak Algorithm which cannot be patched!
  • Our programme works on all operating systems including Windows and OS X (MAC).
  • This tool is made specifically for TeamSpeak Client 3 but our research has shown it works for most versions!
  • Includes an optional Unban feature incase you’re banned on the server.